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Beaumont Tree Service

Tree Health Maintenance and Care

Trees require a lot of attention, just as we do. If you want yours to grow big and strong, and live the maximum number of years as is possible, then you need to be doing everything that you can to look after them. But trying to keep up with the needs of a tree is an ongoing job and it can take up quite a lot of time. We know that the residents of Beaumont don’t have time to fit that into their busy schedules and that is why we are more than glad to offer our help. At Beaumont Tree Service, we can provide our clients with a complete list of tree health care and maintenance services, designed to see your tree do its best from sapling until adulthood.

Deep Root Fertilization
One of the best ways you can guarantee to give your tree the nutrients and minerals that it needs is to deliver it deep root fertilization. Trees have many long and thick roots tangled into the ground. They can very quickly deplete the soil of its nutrients and be struggling to absorb any more. However, if you were to fertilize them in this way, all of the goodness that they need would build up and collect in the middle of that tangle. That means, it is solely going to deliver itself to the tree, whilst actively improving the overall quality of the soil.

Of course, one of the most important things for a developing tree is water. Particularly if your tree is only recently planted, it is going to need lots of water to develop as healthily as it can. That can be a frequent job and that is why we want to reassure you that you will always have our help with it. We’ll be able to take care of the watering as regularly as is necessary, to keep your tree as healthy as can be.

Mulching is another way that you can bring nutrients and minerals to your tree. At Beaumont Tree Service, we make use of premium organic mulch, which is perfect for helping young trees build up with the right resources. This can be a particularly good method for growing saplings and by properly covering the surface area with the mulch, it can help with protection too. It forms a barrier over the base and roots of the tree, which means that any sudden changes in the weather can be much better defended against.

Tree Wound Repair
Many things can cause damage to a tree, including impact damage, fungi growth, and infestation with pests. These things can cause wounds in the trunk of a tree and that may lead to even more issues if left untreated. This is why, whenever you notice such a problem with yours, you are going to want to give us a call for our tree wound repair service right away. Using expert techniques, we’ll repair an open wound in a tree and make sure it is restored to be able to recover fully.