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Stump Grinding and Removal

After a tree has been cut down, you are still going to have to deal with the stump that gets left behind. Nobody wants to leave one stuck in the ground, as it does no good for anybody just sitting there. But you can’t get rid of one in the same way as the tree, you need to make use of specialist tools and techniques. At Beaumont Tree Service, we can provide you with both of those things, when you trust in our stump grinding and removal service. No matter how large the stump left embedded into your lawn, we’ll be able to make a smooth and swift removal, for the most affordable prices in town.

Why Remove Your Stump?
If you don’t feel like your stump has been causing you much of a bother, you might be asking yourself why you even need to get it removed in the first place. Of course, it can look unsightly and even be a tripping hazard, but many people choose to ignore this. But the truth is, even though you might not notice a thing, your stump could be causing you several issues. The roots might still be growing underground, making their way closer towards your basement or foundations. At the same time, this may even start to cause the stump to sprout and start growing a new tree. You don’t want to let these things happen and end up costing you huge amounts in the future. So instead, have our team remove them today.

Tree Stump Grinding
To deliver the quickest and most effective stump removal job for any sized stump, our grinding service is the ideal thing. Making use of an industrial-grade grinder, we can carve away at the stump until it is nothing more than woodchips. Once this has been done to below ground level and just about as far as the roots, the remainder of the tree will be killed off completely. That means, no more ugly tripping hazard and no chance of the roots carrying on growing.

Small Tree Stump Removal
If however, your tree stump is only from a small or young tree, then we may even be able to have it removed in one. This would be a much quicker job and likely would bring a lot of the roots with it too. Especially if yours is a young tree, that can make a huge difference in ensuring that the roots are never able to return.

Affordable Prices
No matter which method we end up using on your tree stump, we want to assure you that it’ll never cost you more than it should. Our team understands that you want to be able to rid yourself of yours as soon as possible. That’s why we offer some of the most affordable prices anywhere in town and if you are looking to get rid of your tree stump quickly, you know we are going to be able to help right away.