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Tree Service, Trimming, and Stump Removal in Beaumont, TX

Everybody appreciates trees. They offer shade, privacy, and beauty. We love to see them growing around us and on our property. However, trying to keep them healthy and strong can be difficult because they need a high level of care to stay in shape. You want to see them growing strong and tall, remaining healthy as they do so. Trees, shrubs, and bushes are a good investment. When you put money into something, you want to make sure it retains its value and remains healthy. Often, this type of maintenance requires the knowledge and experience of professional arborists. And that is why it is going to be worth your while to enlist the services of your best local team of tree care professionals – Beaumont Tree Service!

About Us

Our name is Beaumont Tree Service and we consider ourselves to be the finest team of arborists anywhere in the great city of Beaumont, TX. We have been serving our local clients for several years now and spending that time showing them how they can get the most from their trees. Our portfolio of satisfied customers proves the quality of our services! We combine many years of expertise and knowledge in the field with our love for the environment – so whenever you trust us with your tree, bushes, or shrubs, we can promise you the highest standard of care and servicing.

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Our Services

Every tree has a long list of needs, and we have designed our services to be broad enough to meet them all. We are the total tree and greenery experts, so whenever you need any assistance with yours, you can count on us to provide the quality of results you expect. You can put your faith in us to care for your young sapling and keep it healthy and strong so that it will be an established giant for decades and generations to come!
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Tree Removal

Tree Trimming & Pruning

As mentioned before, pruning removes dead branches and diseased parts of the tree. This action will significantly improve the tree’s health. You will notice new tree buds and blooming flowers after pruning.

Trimming will help to get rid of any overgrowth, and this action enhances the appearance of your trees. Your compound looks tidier and is kept together with regular trimming.

Pruning and trimming can create a different shape to turn your shrubs and trees into décor for your yards. The pruned and trimmed trees and shrubs will match the ambiance of the setting. This is an excellent thing for people who spend a lot of time in their yards. Also, it makes your house more attractive to buyers when you decide to sell.

When tree branches hang dangerously low, they threaten other plants and people in the area. Also, diseased and dying branches are at risk of dying and falling off. Trimming and pruning help to identify danger points and prevent accidents from happening.

When you prune trees in the winter, their fruit production will improve come spring and summer. With fewer leaves and branches, the tree will have less volume to cater for. All the extra energy will go into producing fruits, which translates to better fruit production.

Trimming and pruning will help to control the growth of your shrubs and trees. If you are afraid it will grow too much and block your views or obstruct a structure in your yard, you can control this by regular trimming and pruning.

Our Tree Pruning Method and Techniques

We use a variety of techniques for pruning. These methods are best suited for different situations. When we come to your area for pruning services, you can expect:

Reduction is where we selectively cut to reduce the height and slow down the speed at which the tree grows. It is a skillful process that focuses on reducing stems. We commonly use reduction to help maintain an aesthetic in the garden. We also use it to avoid accidents and move tree parts away from structures.

Cleaning is one of the more straightforward pruning methods we use. It focuses on removing all dead and unwanted wood from the tree. We commonly use this technique on adult trees because it does not unnecessarily cut branches but keeps the tree thriving.

Raising is a method that sees the removal of lower branches to clear the view from buildings and other structures. It is commonly referred to as “raising the crown.” We often use raising in urban environments when the lower branches of a tree start to block the view of a building or road signs.

We use thinning to improve sunlight infiltration and airflow. We commonly do this on trees with overgrowth by decreasing the edge of the crown. But not to worry, we only cut 15 to 20% of the tree foliage.

We believe these are the best methods of pruning and will keep your trees thriving. Working with us for pruning services is a guarantee to keep your tree healthy. Pruning may seem like an easy process, especially after watching a few videos. However, even with the best instructions, you could make a mess of things and end up with an unkempt-looking tree. Also, you could cut in the wrong places and end up stunting your tree’s growth significantly. For these reasons, we urge you to leave the work to the professionals. Call us today for a free estimate!

Shrub and Bush Trimming & Pruning

What Is the Difference Between Pruning and Trimming?
Pruning and trimming are often used interchangeably because they are both processes that tree experts use to maintain the health of the tree. They are also quite similar, but the difference lies in action and what it does. The goal of pruning is to prevent any loose or dead branches from harming other plants and people. The removal of these branches will help the flowers to flourish and prevent accidents. Rather than stunt growth, pruning stimulates it.

Pruning can also help to remove diseases and infested branches. Finally, people turn to pruning for aesthetic purposes. Professionals use secateurs, loppers, long reach pruners, tree pruning systems, and saws for pruning. Trimming is tidying up hedges and shrubs to improve its appearance. Trimming is done by removing overgrown branches. Overgrowth is harmful to shrubs and hedges because it will hinder the entity’s moisture and sunlight. Trimming is often done multiple times a year, but the minimum number is twice per year. This ensures that the shrub does not suffer deficiencies. Hedge trimmers are the primary tool used for trimming a hedge’s branches. We are experts at both and can shape your outdoor space while keeping it healthy to promote growth for many years to come. Give us a call today and we can provide you an estimate for all of your trimming and pruning service needs.

Stump Grinding & Removal

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Tree Cabling & Bracing

Tree Health Maintenance & Care

What to do and what not to do for your tree care needs:

As the owner and primary caregiver of your plants, you must do a few things to ensure that they are growing well. These are essential tree maintenance and care tips, and you can find them online. Unfortunately, the internet is flooded with conflicting opinions about what you should do and what you should not. Luckily for you, we have a team of tree experts who offer correct advice on trees’ proper care. Watch out for the following dos and don’ts from the experts.

  • Do research your trees. Do you know everything there is to know about your tree? Well, you can’t know everything about the three, but you can try. Knowing about your tree is an excellent way to ensure that you can provide it with specialized care. Some need more water than others. Some need specialized pruning, while others need more regular care and maintenance. Learn about the types of trees on your property to be able to promote proper growth.
  • Don’t use topping for pruning. Topping is a common pruning technique that people use for DIY projects. This form of pruning will make your tree ugly and damage it. Moreover, it leads to more problems. You will have to deal with weakened branch structures, which deform the whole tree. Consult professional tree experts for proper pruning techniques.
  • Do inspect for diseases and pests. However healthy and robust your tree is, it could always get infested and infected. Therefore, you must constantly inspect your trees for pests and diseases. If you can find the bugs and diseases in the early stages, you have a better chance of saving your tree. Check the branches and leaves for discoloration or weakening. Also, check the trunk for insects that are not supposed to be there.
  • Don’t spray your trees. As tempting it may be, do not spray your trees with chemicals. Not only will it be bad for your tree’s health, but it will also affect the air and environment. Instead, if you notice any pests or diseases, call an expert to determine the best course of action.
  • Do water them regularly. Watering your trees is a crucial part of caring for them. Watering trees is a lot more than providing hydration for the plant. It is also about keeping the soil moist. Moist soil will help to absorb solar radiation. It will then retain heat from the sun to keep the plant warm at night when it is cold.
  • Don’t overwater the trees. Your trees need hydration, not flooding. Learning about trees will help you determine how much water they require daily. Most trees do not need daily watering. Be sure to regulate how much water you give your trees.
  • Do add mulch: Speaking of protecting the trees, mulch will significantly help with that. While not all trees require mulching, it is essential for young plants. The mulch will provide it with insulation. Consistent temperature ensures that the tree grows well and does not wither due to cold. Mulch will also reduce weed growth around the tree, reducing the chances of competing for nutrients. It means that your tree will grow quicker and better. Organic mulch will break down to create nutrients for the tree. It can also hold water, reducing the need to water and preventing drying out.
  • Don’t attempt tree removal alone. There is a proper way to remove different trees. Attempting tree removal by yourself could bring a lot of damage to your property. Tree removal is best left to the experts, even the small ones. Always go for licensed experts to help you with tree removal.
  • Do fertilize. It is better to use slow-release fertilizer because it will provide the tree with a continuous supply of nutrients. You could have a professional conduct a soil test to let you know what nutrients are deficient in the soil. This will help you pick the right fertilizer with a unique formula that will work for your tree.

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